Degial, new album “Savage Mutiny” out on December 25

The upcoming full-length album “Savage Mutiny” with the Swedish detah metal band Degial will released through Sepulchral Voice Records on December 25 2015 on CD and LP.

A guitar solo have been done by Set Teitan (Dissection, Watain, live) and there have been some lyric contributions by Pelle Åhman (In Solitude, Invidious). The album were recorded and mixed by Gottfrid Åhman (In Solitude, Invidious) and the album artwork and layout have been made by Erik Danielsson (Trident Arts, Watain)

Sepulchral Voice Records: “When you are about to abandon all hope, trust and faith that real DEATH METAL still can be ultimately dark, abhorrent, filthy, violent, repellent, sinister, hurting and visionary… …then… the devil will bring the wonder of:

After the highly acclaimed „Death´s Striking Wings“ debut, DEGIAL now strike even harder with a new album. „SAVAGE MUTINY“ consists of eight new compositions that form a vision of the bottomless pit and a celebration of the entities to be spit out from there. Again the production is rough but sharp like a rusty blade.

„SAVAGE MUTINY“ contains all the typical trademarks the band evolved over previous releases. Furthermore DEGIAL this time marches some steps forward, delivering unique arrangements and eruptions. From the most brutal thunderdrumming and ripping guitarshredding to trancelike pounding the album crosses bridges between tradition and innovation multiple times. In other words, on „SAVAGE MUTINY“ one still sees wings of morbid angels and teeths of necrovores, but this time DEGIAL flies even higher and bites much deeper.”

Degial - Savage Mutiny

Degial – Savage Mutiny

Savage Mutiny – 2015

1. Doomgape
2. Savage Mutiny
3. Uncoiling Chaos
4. Deathsiege
5. Pallor
6. Revenants
7. Sanguine Thirst
8. Transgression

Guitar solo & guest vocals: Set Teitan (Dissection / Watain)
Lyric contribution: Pelle Åhman (In Solitude / Invidious)
Recording and mixing: Gottfrid Åhman (In Solitude / Invidious)
Mastering: Angel of Doom (Rape of Harmonies)
Artwork / Layout: Erik Danielsson (Trident Arts / Watain)

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