December Darkness with Marduk, Vanhelgd, Nordjevel and Mephorash in Norrköping

The December Darkness indoor festival brings darkness and some great bands to Norrköping in Sweden on December 22, 2018.

The festival is a one evening event at Arbis Bar & Salonger in the central part of Norrköping and the Norrköping black metal band Marduk will headline the event.

Other bands that will perform at December Darkness are the Swedish old school death metal band Vamhelgd, the Norwegian black metal band Nordjevel and the Swedish black metal band Mephorash.

Klick here to get your tickets.
Price per ticket is 395skr (Swedish kronor, around ~40€)

More information about the event:
Skrikhult Production
December Darkness (event) @ Facebook


The bands at Facebook:
Marduk | Vanhelgd | Nordjevel | Mephorash


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