Cipher System, joined by Christian Älvestam on lead vocals

The singer Christian Älvestam has joined the Swedish melodic death metal band Cipher System on lead vocals.

The list is really long when it comes to bands Christian are or have been active in, but some are Solution .45, Svavelvinter, Unmoored, ex-Incapacity, ex-Solar Dawn, ex-Torchbearer, ex-Jarawynja, Atoma, ex-Scar Symmetry.

Another well-known musician has joined the band, Janne Jaloma will play session drums. Janne is known from Dark Funeral, Despite, Night Crowned, ex-Deals Death, ex-Evocation.

Also in the band, you will find two of the members from Night Crowned, Johan Eskilsson will be handling the guitar duties and Henric Liljesand the bass.

Cipher System 3.0. We are incredibly happy to welcome Christian Älvestam to CIPHER SYSTEM as the new lead singer. We have followed his music career for a long time and we really look forward to showing you what this new union sounds like.

Quote from Cipher System

”When Henric and I started discussing the possibilities of me joining CIPHER SYSTEM, I’d already been a fan of their sound in general and their first album in particular, for a long time.

In fact, I still pop ‘Central Tunnel Eight’ in the car every now and then. Brilliant stuff through and through. Having that said, it’s an honor and a privilege to now be part of the next chapter of this excellent ambassador of Swedish melodic death metal.”

Quote from Christian


Christian Älvestam – Vocals
Johan Eskilsson – Guitars
Henric Liljesand – Bass
Janne Jaloma – Drums (session)

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