Blood of Serpents, new album “Sulphur Sovereign” out this fall

The new Blood of Serpents album “Sulphur Sovereign´´ will be out September 25th on Non Serviam Records

With the albums 10 tracks the band has taken a decided step into an extreme black metal direction, going at full speed with forceful vocals that rip and roar with equal measure. Mixed with dark melodic guitar work, and crushing riffs, Sulphur Sovereign is slated to be
a standout black metal release of 2018

1. Mater Tenebris
2. In Darkness, Brotherhood
3. Devil’s Tongue
4. Evictor of Christ
5. As the Temple Burns
6. Canticle
7. As Nocturnal Dimensions Beckon
8. Upon Waters Dark
9. Prophet of a False Faith
10. A Void Between Worlds

Cover Artwork by Khaos Diktator Design
Produced by Lars Broddesson Mixed and mastered by Magnus Andersson at Endarker Studio Sweden

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