Beyond Creation parts ways with bass player

The Canadian progressive/techical death metal band Beyond Creation parts ways with bass player Dominic ‘’Forest’’ Lapointe.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Dominic ‘’Forest’’ Lapointe is no longer part of Beyond Creation for personal reasons. We would like to thank him for his great work and dedication to the band for the past four years. We had a lot of fun sharing the stage with him and recording two solid records! Dominic stays our friend and we keep a good relationship with him. We wish him the best of luck for all his bands and future projects.

Beyond Creation - Earthborn EvolutionEarthborn Evolution (2014), tracklist:

1. Elusive Reverence
2. Sous La Lueur De L’empereur
3. Earthborn Evolution
4. The Great Revelation
5. Neurotical Transmissions
6. Abstrait Dialog
7. The Axiom
8. L’exorde
9. Theatrical Delirium
10. Fundamental Process


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