Behemoth – Devil’s Conquistadors

A English translation of the biography book “Devil’s Conquistadors” about Polish black/death metal band Behemoth are available through Metal Blad Records worldwide. Behemoth’s biography written by Łukasz Dunaj. Almost 500 pages about the band and a couple of hundreds of rare photos in beautiful hard cover!

Behemoth - The SatanistBehemoth latest album, The Satanist (2014), tracklist:

1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
2. Furor Divinus
3. Messe Noire
4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
5. Amen
6. The Satanist
7. Ben Sahar
8. In the Absence ov Light
9. O Father o Satan o Sun!



Behemoth - bandphoto


Behemoth Facebook page

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