Arch Enemy – As The Pages Burn, with Jeff Loomis

See the Arch EnemyAs The Pages Burn tour trailer 2015 below. This is the first official live clip with the new guitarist, Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore). The rest of the band line up are Alissa White-Gluz (Vocals), Michael Amott (Guitars), Sharlee D’Angelo (Bass) and Daniel Erlandsson (Drums).

The bands latest album, War Eternal was released in June, 2014 through Century Media Records. The cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu.

Arch Enemy - War Eternal

Arch Enemy – War Eternal

War Eternal – 2014
01. Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in F minor)
02. Never Forgive, Never Forget
03. War Eternal
04. As The Pages Burn
05. No More Regrets
06. You Will Know My Name
07. Graveyard Of Dreams
08. Stolen Life
09. Time Is Black
10. On And On
11. Avalanche
12. Down To Nothing
13. Not Long For This World
14. Shadow On The Wall (Mike Oldfield cover)*
15. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)**

Bonus CD from the limited edition:
01. Never Forgive, Never Forget (Demo 2013)
02. No More Regrets (Demo 2013)
03. You Will Know My Name (Demo 2013)
04. On And On (Demo 2013)
05. As The Pages Burn (Demo 2013)

*Limited edition bonus
**Japan Only Bonus

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