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  • Wormwood - Information
  • 2014
  • Active
  • Non Serviam Records
  • Stockholm
    • Nine (Vocals)
    • Rydsheim (Guitars)
    • Nox (Guitars)
    • Borka (Bass)
    • Johtun (Drums)
  • Homepage Facebook Youtube Soundcloud

Wormwood - logoThe New Story – And so it came to pass. Wormwood found a new home with the ever changing Non Serviam Records. We proudly call it our home and hopefully we will remain here for some time. The future is always uncertain but our goal is set. We have big plans for 2017. Our debut album, Ghostlands – Wounds from a Bleeding Earth, will be relased in spring of next year.

It’s a diverse CD with many different aspects. We have encompassed a myriad of influences. Some people call it maybe too diverse without any real red thread. This is, of course, wrong. We have gathered different things to be able to express emotions form a sea of possibility. One song is straight up black, another one is very folkish and a third might be atmospheric. Every song is a different story and we hope you will appreciate what we have created. Join us as our story has just begun.

The Old Story – It’s been a long and rocky round but we’re finally done with our first release. As with every new band, everything is a struggle more or less. But with perseverance and vie we’re at our first goal. Now we’re focusing on live performances and on our full-length which will be truly something to behold.

The line-up has changed quite a bit throughout two tumultuous years, but now we are five strong individuals with the same goal. To give the world an unique experience in all aspects; visual, music, lyrics, off and on stage and so on and so forth.

In the beginning we wanted to do rock’n roll with some black metal elements, but as the line-up changed, new inspiration and ideas came up. After talking about what we want to deliver and what makes us proud in what we do, we came up with a grand symbiosis. All five have different musical backgrounds, have different favorite bands, yet we all come together as one when we talk about Wormwood.

We want to have the attitude from rock’n roll and have some influences in our music. It makes for a great show. We also wanted to incorporate black metal as many of us likes that. So we took the visuals from it and a big dose of the music. That raw, take-no-prisoner, viscous visage. This is not by any means new, but we wanted to have atmosphere in it. We wanted to have soundscapes from ambient music. Also, we wanted to stay true to our northern heritage, so folk influences was a given.

In the end we came up with something fairly unique (though quite long sub-genre, mind you). We call what we do Atmospheric Blackened Folk’n Roll.



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