Wombbath - logoThe year was 1988. Richard, Roger and Tobbe were gathered to do nothing in Tobbe’s room when the idea to form a band was hatched. Soon after this they got in contact with the local music center where they signed up under the name The Shadows.

There they got a great music teacher that was also a drummer. Unfortu- nately he was drafted for military service and the chemistry between the band and their new teacher was far from great, which led them to leave.

They continued on their own, playing their own material mixed with covers of different rock bands. As they progressed the music chosen became harder and harder and before long the band was totally into the quickly growing music genres trash metal and death metal. One of the favorite bands was Death and the popular records Leprosy and Spiritual Healing.

The more they developed, the more the urge to grow into a fully fleshed band with a singer and a lead guitarist grew. They asked their classmate Thomas Lindfors to try out for the spot as a singer and it turned out to be a stroke of genius. What a Voice he developed! With him in the spot of the singer the next mission was to try to find a good lead guitarist. Tobbe knew Håkan since a few years back when they had ‘played’ together and hence they asked him to come to the garage and listen to them. It was love at first sight! When Thomas and Håkan joined, the band was more or less nameless.

After some brainstorming they became Seizure. Now that they had become a proper band they managed to get a new rehearsal room within their school’s buildings. The first song, The Grave, was written (recorded only at two live gigs, one in 1992 and the other at the reunion in 2005). But the song has become memorable to the members due to something that happened during rehersal. “This funny thing happened once this song finally was completed during a rehearsal and we were about to play it through in a completed form: Thomas’ ampli- fier broke.

Still we put a cassette into the cassette player and pushed on Rec and started playing, nothing strange about that, but Thomas was on the floor, growl- ing straight into the cassette player’s microphone. Hahaha.” Soon after this the managed to get yet a new rehearsal room that gave them more freedom to rehearse whenever they wanted. They more or less lived there; all free time was spent behind their instruments. They managed to write four songs that they were satisfied with until the first of February 1991 when they had their first gig. It was nervousness with a capital N! But the gig went well and Seizure -we were now the cool kids.

During the following year they rehearsed intensely and started talking about a name change. A friend of the band had come up with a cool name, ‘Wombbath’ (a combination of the words womb and bath), after some discussions they agreed that it felt completely right and took it. In January 1992 they entered studio Gamble to record the demo Brutal Mights. It should really have been recorded at studio Sunlight, but the day before the mixer board caught fire. The news of the fire had saddened the band, but maybe there was a reason behind that they had to find another studio, in this case previous mentioned Gamble. Because, after it had been recorded and the band had spent countless hours on copying and sending of the demo, they immediately got a positive response.

The record companies Thrash and Infest Records both showed interest and the two companies made a cooperation about Wombbath (as far as is known). Wombbath signed a contract for a 7″ ep and one full length CD. So in June they entered Studio Skyline to record the 7″ ep Several Shapes which represents the heavier, more gory and guttural side of Wombbath. It got a warm welcome from both critics and listeners and Wombbath was of course very happy with the record as well. The same fall, 1992, they once again entered Studio Skyline, this time to record the full length album; Internal Caustic Torments.

On it you can hear that their main influences was Napalm Death, Benediction etc. The album was recorded in 7 days, e.g. 60 hours (and McDonalds twice per day). The release was in March 1993 and also this record was well received by critics and listeners and this seems to be the case even to this day! They made some gigs after the release, but not many enough. The composing continued as usual but in 1994 they, like many other metal bands during this time ended up in a bit of a identity crisis and the music became more and more ‘non death metal. Not many bands survived this period of creative confusion. They recorded a promo-demo that was sent out to different record labels just to see what happened and Napalm Records wanted to release it as a CD immediately so that was what happened. It was released Lavatory. It was the last thing that Wombbath did.




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