Ceremonial fanaticism, black mass hysteria, blood, fire and death; rock n roll as the Devil once intended…

Musically fueled by forefathers such as Venom, Bathory, Metallica and Mercyful Fate, and spiritually fueled by the lawless will of the liberated spirit, Watain is that dangerous flame of Metal that seemed lost for many years, and that now once again has been set loose upon the dying world.  in honor of the wild and untamed darkness that lies at the heart of true rock n roll music.

It began in Uppsala, in the fall of 1998. At the feet of one of the city’s oldest monuments, three young devils were brought together by their passion for violence, fire, metal and perhaps even more so the Satanic Black metal cult that thrived around them, led by bands such as Dissection, Nifelheim, Malign and Ofermod. The first chaotic years of rehearsal demos, letter writing, editing Hellish massacre fanzine and performing underground shows culminated in the 99′ Essence of Black Purity EP.

”We realised early on that there was no way back. No return. The bones had been cast and they foretold an eternal quest and a voyage to the world’s end. Something had called us and we answered, a pact had been sealed and we were to pledge it allegiance to the Death. And so it was that we embarked on a journey that would take us far, far away; polluting all seven sea and setting all corners of the earth ablaze with the shadowless fires of liberation.”

As the years passed, Watain became infamous for the antagonistic and, in many eyes, controversial approach they have always had to their work. A seemingly endless stream of dark rumours followed the band like rats following the piper – some true, some not. What became clear was that Watain was a band walking its own callous path without paying the world around them any consideration, just like wolves prefer to walk on their own, at night.

It is the magic combination of fierceness and beauty that makes the Wolf an exception even in nature. Revered outlaws, feared in their bestial nature, yet also objects of fascination and curiosity, of naturally inhabited and unreachable grace, that men love to hate, and hate to love. But regardless of what judgement the vox populi might pass on these nocturnal predators, they remain just that; a rare breed of hunters; alone, aside, untamed, always hungry…

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