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  • Unanimated - Information
  • 1988
  • Active
  • Independent / Unsigned
  • Stockholm
    • Micke Broberg (Vocals)
    • Jojje Bohlin (Guitars)
    • Set Teitan (Guitars)
    • Richard Cabeza (Bass)
    • Anders Schultz (Drums)
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UNANIMATED Was brought to life 1988 in Stockholm,Sweden by longtime friends Richard(vocals), Jojje(guitar) and Peter(drums). The goal was (and still is!) to play extreme metal,

Lyrically the band was drawn to the dark and occult with satanic philosophies. In early 1990 The band recorded two songs ” Unholy Funeral” and “Ancient god of evil” and decided to release the songs as a Rehearsal Demo.

The songs where recorded on a regular cassette player… The sound was horrible. But the spirit was there and the oath was made. The band did two live performances. Later same year two members left the band due to lack of interest and commitment. Original members Chris Alvarez(guitar) and Tim Strandberg(bas) left the band.

The remaining three members continued to play and soon Lead Guitar player Jonas Mellberg was recruited and rapidly new songs where written. At this point Unanimated’s sound started to change and get more refined to the direction to what the goal was. The band wanted to play fast extreme and brutal metal but with more ambiance and melody than what was around at that time.

Acoustic guitars and keyboards was brought in to the songs to add more depth to the songs.. The band recorded their second Demo “Firestorm” in 1991, four songs where recorded “Through the gates” ”Blackness of the fallen star” “Storms from the skies of grief” and “In the forrest of the dreaming dead”…The demo sold over 3000 copies and is today considered to be one of the classical Swedish extreme metal demos. Unanimated started to play live shows more often and it didn’t take long to a record deal with No Fashion/House of kicks was signed.


At this point Richard had to leave the band due to his commitment with DISMEMBER. The band recruited Micke Jansson on vocals and Daniel Lofthagen on bass and live member Jocke Westman. So in May 1992, Finally came the time for the band to enter Unicorn/Noble House Studio to record their debut full-length album. “In the forest of the dreaming dead” became the title for the album. During the recording of the album the band asked friend and fellow musician Johan Edlund from TIAMAT to come to the studio, The result led to Johan doing the lyrics and vocals on ”A cold Northern Breathe”.


Not much fuzz around the debut was made…. Nor did the record company do much to promote the album either. Even though the album received great world wide reviews. Unanimated returned to the studio and recorded a 5 song Ep. Three new songs and two cover songs where recorded, The cover where “Tormentor” by WASP and “Shock me” by KISS.

The recording was never released and the band was focusing on writing new material instead. At this time the band had parted ways with bas player Daniel and when the writing progress to the album started, the band asked Richard to take over the bass duties again.With Richard back in the band,the writing progress was increased and soon the band was ready to hit the studio again. In 1994 the band entered Unisound studios With producer Dan Svanö(Dissection,Marduk,Opeth etc.) to record the album.

The recording proses was quick, The band was ready to record and in less then 10 days the album was recorded and the band went back to Stockholm to finish the rest. The album received great reviews All over the world and it has been said that this album became a template for the stadium rock fusion that is “Swedish melodic death metal” at the present time. With their unique sound of melodic Death/Black Metal, Unanimated was ready to conquer the world! In 1996 the band entered Sunlight Studios and recorded two cover songs, “Dead skin mask” by Slayer was recorde for the “Slatanic Slaughter 2” compelation and “Raise the dead” by mighty Bathory was recorded for “In conspiracy with satan-Tribute to Bathory”.

A couple of live performances around Sweden to follow up the album was about it…..Internal turbulence within the band Had starting to grow stronger and due to musical and personal differences, Jonas Mellberg was asked to leave the band. At this point in mid 1996 the remaining members Jojje, Micke, Peter and Richard decided it was time to take a break and Unanimated was put on hold………

Since the last couple of years the Founding members Richard and Jojje, Have been in the works of reuniting the band again. But due to the members involvements in other bands such as DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, DARK FUNERAL, MURDER SQUAD, MERCILESS, FACE DOWN, KRUX, NIFELHEIM, CELESTIAL PAIN and ZEBULON… Ups and downs in personal life, Richard relocated to Texas and prison sentences…you name it!

Finding the right time has been difficult…….After more than 12 years the four members Richard,Jojje,Peter and Mickael joining forces again and to take the band to the next level.

The band signed to Regain Records in 2008 and released the long awaited new album “IN THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS (The covenant of death)” .

The recording took place in October 2008 at Necromorbus Studios. The band did their first live performances in over 12 years in Stockholm,Sweden August 5th and at the Party-San Festival,Germany on August 8th 2008. In 2009 the band recruited Set Teitan (Watian, Dissection) on Guitar.

In February 2010 the band did a live performance in Speyer, Germany.

Metal Fucking Metal brothers and sisters! Be prepared…

The Firestorm is coming! AVE LUCIFER


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