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Trident - logoThe essence of Trident begun when Johan Norman (Soul reaper, Dissection) and Alexander Friberg (Jaggernaut, Karneywar) were discussing music ideas at a bar in 2007. Johan whom had been away from the scene for a few years started to sense a strong urge to get back into it, the riffs, ideas and musical arrangements had been shelved for quite some time and was brought back to life.

Shortly after they agreed to initiate Trident and recruited the horrifying voice of Tobias Sidegård (Necrophobic) as the spokesman. Trident, the band with riffs without rules needed to find a special talented drummer to be suited for this kind of unique atmosphere, and after much intense work and many months searching for the drummer who could withstand the immensity of the music they finally came in contact with Jonas Blom (Grief of Emerald).

The music started to shape up but there was something missing, Trident felt that the riffs without rules needed something more. They needed a guitarist who could connect the riffs with each other and help out with the composition of the songs. Out of coincidence Johan met Per­Owe Solvelius at a metal cruise and started to discuss Trident. All ideas about Trident caught Per­Owe’s attention as a different type of challenge of what he had done before (Darkness, Epic Future, Igneous Human, Confidence, Power Supreme and numerous shows with string orchestras and ensembles).

After sharing and executing some ideas back home they decided to start working together to push Trident forward. Directly following this the recording started. With members spread out across the country it was captured on tape at several occasions. After much time pressure the album was finally released in 2010 through Regain Records entitled World Destruction receiving high praises from critics around the globe. Unfortunately in 2010 an injury struck Jonas causing him to step back causing Trident to perform shows with session drummers.

The idea was for Jonas to make a comeback after a planned timeframe, but the damage was too big for him to be able to continue with Trident. Even though without a drummer Trident still had to deliver a music video, the song chosen for this was Jaws Of Satan and it was only a couple of weeks till the actual video recording. Johan contacted Joakim Antonsson (Nox Aurea, Death Tyrant, The Cold Existence) and convinced him help them out with the music video mainly as a session drummer. Jaws Of Satan was successfully recorded and shortly after Joakim was asked to start rehearsing with Johan in Gothenburg.

A couple of rehearsing weeks passed and it stood clear that Joakim ought to be a fulltime member. At the dawn of 2012 Alexander and Tobias left to focus on Necrophobic leaving the army weakened but ready to grow stronger. Where upon the session bass player David Lantz (Warheim) took over a permanent role. t the time Trident had a great number of riffs and songs to polish for the upcoming album which actually made the band member recruit process less stressed.. After a full year of working on the new material, Defiler was recruited as the new Trident spokesman.

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