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  • Skogen - Information
  • 2009
  • Active
  • Nordvis Produktion
  • Växjö
    • Jocke Svensson (Bass, Vocals)
    • Mathias Nilsson (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals)
    • Linus Larsson (Drums)
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Skogen - logoToday, it is with great pleasure that NORDVIS announces the signing of Swedish blackened metal mystics SKOGEN. To date, SKOGEN have released three increasingly acclaimed albums – 2009’s Vittra, 2011’s Svitjod, and last year’s Eld – which poignantly integrated robust, rough-hewn blackened metal with moonlit ‘n’ melancholic folk music, weaving a tapestry of triumph and tragedy, loss and remembrance.

As such, this new collaboration between SKOGEN and NORDVIS is a natural one, as both parties share the same boundless source of inspiration, and centers less around the idea of a “record deal” and more so on the noble foundation of brotherhood. The first fruit of this two-album partnership shall unveil itself in late late 2013/early 2014.

A statement from SKOGEN reads: “To sign with NORDVIS feels like the final piece of the puzzle that is SKOGEN. A very suitable label, based in Sweden – we’re looking forward to our collaboration!”

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