• Patronymicon - Information
  • 2008
  • Active
  • Carnal Records
  • Sandviken
    • H.Sulphur (Vocals)
    • J.Malice (Guitars)
    • N.S (Guitars)
    • M.Feral (Bass)
    • Y.Nifl (Drums)
  • Valkyrja Watain Marduk Dissection
  • Facebook Youtube

patronymicon-logoPatronymicon was started in 2008 by N.sadist. The intent was to create straightforward cold and hateful black metal.

During the first two years it was a one man project and N.sadist spent his time writing and recording preproductions.

In early 2010 Patronymicon finally entered the studio to create what was going to be the first official demo Coldborn.

At the end of 2010 Patronymicon sings with Blackcrowned records to release the bands debutalbum.

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