• Ondskapt - Information
  • 2000
  • Active
  • Osmose Productions
  • Stockholm
    • Acerbus (Vocals, Guitars)
    • S.W. (Guitars)
    • V.P. (Bass)
    • E.L. (Drums)
    • Nabemih (Drums, Guitar, Arrangements)
  • Valkyrja Shining Svartsyn Watain
  • Homepage Facebook

Ondskapt (Swedish for “created of evil”) are a Swedish black metal band. They have previously shared members with other Swedish metal projects such as Valkyrja, IXXI and Shining.

Ondskapt were formed in Stockholm in 2000. Their EP Slave Under His Immortal Will was released through Shining vocalist Kvarforth’s label Selbstmord Services in 2001, followed by their début album Draco Sit Mihi Dux in 2003. Their second album Dödens Evangelium was released through Next Horizon Records and Norma Evangelium Diaboli in 2005.

They signed to Osmose Productions, who released the band’s third album Arisen From the Ashes in 2010.

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