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  • Ofermod - Information
  • 1996
  • Active
  • Spinefarm Records
  • Norrköping / Stockholm
    • JK (Vocals, Guitars)
    • Mika Hakola (Guitars, Additional vocals)
    • R.Fjäll (Bass)
    • S.Samuelsson (Drums)
  • Ondskapt Dissection
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This is the one and only reliable page on the web dedicated to OFERMOD. Here you can find relevant information about upcoming events, releases, merchendice etc without having to read false rumours about the members of this group of devoted Black/Death metal souls. As the band namne already implies OFERMOD is a union of individuals marching proudly in the Luciferian Light on the Nightside of existence, which is reflected both musically and lyrically in what the band undertakes. The names and terms used in the band´s lyrics are of course relative and suited to have a meaning for modern man instead of being mere sermons in honour of the primordial Chaos Void which is the main wellspring of inspiration for OFERMOD and known throughout the ages by many a name and still not known at all…

We do not preach nor do we crave this faith from our listeners. Our music itself vibrates and breathes the very primal draconian Left Hand Force and thus we need no unwilling soul to swear allegiance…It Will Come like swarms of unholy locusts entering the unconscious minds, willing or unwilling.

There have been written many an unnecessary word about OFERMOD in the past, mainly because of criminal activity in which some members have chosen to take a few experimental dives: to no lasting gain nor value.

Believe not a word you read elsewhere about the band but come here for the truth.

OFERMOD have signed a record deal with Spinefarm and are about to release a sonic grimoire entitled “Thaumiel” in the near future. Prominent guest appearances by individuals such as Niklas Kvarforth of SHINING, Lars B of MARDUK, occult authors such as Thomas Karlsson, Tommie Eriksson and Alberto Brandi among other respected figures wandering the Left Hand Path.

What you are reading about is a reborn OFERMOD with members handpicked by devils in Lord Lucifer´s service.

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