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  • Norrsköld - Information
  • 2012
  • Active
  • Rexus Records
  • Gothenburg
    • Henrik Bodin-Sköld (Guitars)
    • Adam Rexius (Vocals)
    • Joakim Andréasson (Guitars)
    • Gustaf Bergquist (Bass)
    • Johan Tunander (Drums)
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Norrsköld - logoIn 2012 Henrik Bodin-Sköld left the Gothenburg based metal band Irrbloss and started the studio project Norrsköld. The inspiration for the music is primarily traditional folk music and black metal. But also melodic metal with elements of classical guitar work. Lyrical themes are mostly based on local legends Swedish folklore. For the recording of the debut EP “Blessings of winter”, several session members were asked to join. Johan Tunander from The Last Band became session bass player, Robert Isojärvi of Warheim filled in on drums. Vocal duties were handled by Alexander Wik Fridén of Warheim and Mathias Rexius joined as session guitarist.

The music of Norrsköld is usually created under the influence of visits in the nature of Hälsingland, Sweden. The lyrics on Blessings of winter were mainly based on myths and legends from local history such as haunted meadows, lethal lakes etc.

During july 2015 two new members were introduced when Johan Tunander came back as a permanent drummer and replaced Robert Isojärvi. Gustaf Bergquist replaced Mathias Rexius as bassist.

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