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  • Nifelheim - Information
  • 1996
  • Active
  • TPL Records
  • Dals Långed
    • Per "Hellbutcher" Gustavsson (Vocals)
    • Erik "Tyrant" Gustavsson (Bass)
    • Savage Aggressor (Guitars)
    • Satamás (Guitars)
    • Disintegrator (Drums)
  • Bathory
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Tyrant and Hellbutcher are twins, and are known in Sweden as “Bröderna Hårdrock”, which translates to “The Hard Rock Brothers” (although it could also be translated as “The Heavy Metal Brothers” since “Hårdrock” is used to define all kinds of heavy music in Swedish, without borrowing English expressions like “Heavy Metal”), after a documentary about heavy metal fans was broadcasted in 1998. Parts of the documentary were used by the insurance company Trygg Hansa as TV ads. Tyrant’s and Hellbutcher’s real names are Erik and Per “Pelle” Gustavsson.

Nifelheim participated in the Bathory tribute In Conspiracy with Satan, released by Hellspawn Records / No Fashion Records in 1998, covering the song “Die in Fire”.

Niflheimr (Old Icelandic for “Dark World”) is, according solely to the Prose Edda, a realm of icy coldness in the far north of the world. Its southern counterpart is Muspellheimr.

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