• Nazghor - Information
  • 2012
  • Active
  • Non Serviam Records
  • Uppsala
    • Nekhrid (Vocals)
    • Armageddor (Guitars)
    • Angst (Guitars)
    • Crowlech (Bass)
    • Cosmarul (Drums)
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Nazghor emerged on a dark winter night in November 2012 from the unholy city of Uppsala in Sweden.

This legion of pure dedication for the dark teachings began their path to filthiness and masses of impurity.

Bringing a pure, raw but yet melodic black metal of death.

Nazghor became one of the fastest growing underground bands in the country.

This satanic compilation wandered the stages of underground clubs in different cities just 3 months after its inception.

Taking part in the horde of one of the Swedish bands that brings the music closer to Satanism in form of a darker, ceremonial, and ritualistic show.

Nazghor as an order is a compilation of soldiers who wanders the tunnels of this world in a mission that unchains the pawns from the white light. The dark message of Tartaros is delivered by words that shroud the starry skies.
The vocal deliverer is Nekhrid. He met the master of dark tones Armageddor for one purpose and one purpose only. They exchanged ideas, musical terms and directions.
Thus Nazghor was born.

One unknown soldier where recruited and the first message was written.

This unknown member of the order is still committed to the progression of the hymns that salute the dark master, thou he is not a member of the inner circle that makes the live rituals.

A few soldiers has praised with the order but within time wandered another course.

Angst was recruited of the ashes of an old group of dedicators, and later on Crowlech joined the legion.

In February 2013 the band recorded the first message. “Life Impaled” was released digitally in May 2013 and as a physical CD in October by “Dead Center Productions” .

The band recorded a horde of songs during winter 2013 and a second album was created.
“Upon the Darkest Season” was released by “Dead Center Productions” 1:st of January 2014

Many tones was left behind so the band recorded a third record in March and
“Through Darkness and Hell” was released by “Black Plague Records” in June 2014.

The fourth album was recorded during the winter of 2014/2015 and finished in February.
“Diabolical Teachings” was released in March 2015 through “Metallic Media”

The idea of a fifth album was born during the making of the new song ‘Craft of the Nihilist’. That song which features Anders Strokirk of ‘Necrophobic’ was meant to be released as a single but later became a part of the new album instead. In the early process of the new album was ‘Satanath Records’ pointed as a possible label for this released. The making took its course in outunm 2015
and ’Death’s Withered Chants’ was released 15:th of April 2016 through ’Satanath records’ and ‘Obscure abhorrence’

“Novus Ordo Diaboli” is an order who dedicates and serves the legion of Nazghor. These are responsible for dark arts and the communication with the masses.
This order belongs to those who are unchained from the sainted world. It is a black march through the shadows, and it is unknown how many or who these beings are. In 2014
“Novus Ordo Diaboli” released their first visual art. A video of the song “Of Deceitful Beauty”

In 2016 this horde recorded another video for the song ‘Complete Unholyness’

The band’s sound has been described many times in different social medias. The Swedish sound flows within every album and influences from bands like Bathory, Dissection, Watain, Mörk Gryning, Setherial are a main channel to the progression. The band itself calls it “Black Metal of Death”

In April 2016 Nazghor traveled through Poland on a mini tour with the goal of achieve new witnesses during three shows in three different cities.
And as an addition on that Nazghor played a successfull show at ‘Kings of Black Metal’ in Germany.Black Metal 2016’

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