Mist of Misery

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Mist of Misery - logoMist of Misery was formed in 2010 in the northern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden with the vision to create music that was based on melancholy, darkness, depression and atmosphere.

That vision lead to the release of the Bleak Autumn EP in 2010, along with the full length album by the same name in 2011 and the release of the Temple of Stilled Voices EP in 2013. 2011 also saw a big change for Mist of Misery in terms of musical direction as well as line-up changes.

The original concept was kept very much alive, but more melodic, symphonic and even epic influences were added to the already original concept of Mist of Misery. This turn of events has after many years of hard work lead to the current soon to be released full length album Absence and the release of the EP Temple of Stilled Voices in 2013.

Albums by Mist of Misery

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