A mixed bunch of punks and metalheads named MIASMAL has come to give you an unforgettable lesson on what pure, unaffected death metal is about with “Cursed Redeemer”: Four lads churning out brutal music with no mercy, no regrets, no ritualistic bullshit, no faking, no gory fairy tales, no compromises.

“Play first, think later” is how Pontus, singer/guitarist of Gothenburg-based death metal act MIASMAL, consequently summarizes the band’s philosophy that took them from a late night discussion with guitarist Magnus about classic 90’s death metal back in 2007 over a much-lauded self recorded first album to worldwide metal label Century Media Records. MIASMAL’s first recordings spread the band’s name quickly through the ingrained channels of the underground establishing them quickly as a future hope for unrelenting, authentic death metal.

Thanks to strong connections to the crust/punk scene due to sharing members with the brilliant Agrimonia and Martyrdöd and using a network of friends around the globe, MIASMAL set up their first tours (incl. an US run and Euro trip through 11 countries in 3 weeks) on their own to promote 2011’s self-titled debut album. Century Media took note of this hard working and incredibly sounding band offering them a deal in 2012. Now, the time is nigh for the next step with the clear goal of seeing MIASMAL tour, play festivals and turn heads with their new album “Cursed Redeemer”.

Recorded in not more than 7 days at the mighty Studio Fredman, the band’s 2nd opus, “Cursed Redeemer”, underlines the band’s aim of unleashing gloomy, powerful and straight-forward death metal upon the masses profiting from compact and memorable songs, roaring growls, punkish drive, massive riffs and stunning guitar melodies resulting in a sonic assault destined to please everybody whose loves the classics of Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Dismember, Benediction – basically any death metal that kills and prefers song over technical wankery! Also, if you have a soft spot for a bit of d-beat and rate Disfear, Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Anti Cimex among your faves, MIASMAL will make you damn happy, too.

Overall, MIASMAL are truly a blessing for today’s metal scene delivering uncompromising, cliché-free death metal of punishing intensity breathing honesty in every single note and therefore are closer to the bare roots of the genre than many of their peers, who rate imagery higher than musical substance: “I view MIASMAL more as a rock’n’roll band in that aspect. We don’t care much for all the extravagancies and we have never been interested in using religious or occult themes in our music, or wearing masks and stuff. It just doesn’t suit MIASMAL. We might throw in some pyrotechnics if the opportunity arises though, haha.”
Intending to hit the road later in 2014 and testing the new material before at a show with labelmates Vampire and Morbus Chron on April 5th at the legendary Truck Stop Alaska in Gothenburg, MIASMAL certainly desire to lay to waste as many clubs as possible in the coming months and add some festivals in between resulting in a probably very busy year for the band.

Ultimately, MIASMAL are one of these fine acts expressing crystal clear what makes a genre like death metal so attractive since its inception in the mid-80s and such a persistent musical outlet as well: It’s simply genuine, real in the most literal sense of the word and at its best if it is created with a heartily fuck off attitude. MIASMAL deliver exactly that…in spades!

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