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  • King of Asgard - Information
  • 2008
  • Active
  • Trollmusic / Prophecy Productions
  • Mjölby / Vadstena / Skänninge / Motala
    • Karl Beckman (Guitars, Vocals)
    • Ted Sjulmark (Guitars)
    • Jonas Albrektsson (Bass)
    • Mathias Westman (Drums)
  • Amon Amarth Bathory Thyrfing Unleashed
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King Of Asgard - logoKing of Asgard took form in 2008 by founder Karl Beckman when he teamed up with long time fellow musician Karsten Larsson. Both had previously played together in the well-known viking metal horde Mithotyn. The duo worked on re-discovering their roots and thus establishing the foundation of King of Asgard, both musically as well as in lyrical approach. Returning to the Norse heritage, ancestral myths and the sense af a past long gone by.

In January 2009, the first recordings were done, resulting in the demo “Prince of Märings”, seven songs recorded in Lotang Studio in Vadstena. In November the same year, Jonas Albrektsson joined King of Asgard and the foundation of the three-piece took serious form. Meanwhile, the demo recording was well received and caught the attention of several metal labels, one in particular, and by December of 2009 the band had signed a deal with Metal Blade Records.

Studio time at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden, was booked and in March 2010, the debut album was recorded with engineer Andy LaRocque. King of Asgard tracked thirteen songs of folk-based blackened death metal, reminiscent of times of old. During the summer, a music video was filmed to present the album opener “Einhärjar”, produced by Rickard Monéus and 1897.

King of Asgard‘s debut album “Fi’mbulvintr” was released in August 2010 and made an astonishing impact on the scene. Still, the band was in need of a second guitarist for live events and a stable line-up. Lars Tängmark thus was added to the unit as a second guitarist in August 2010. King of Asgard finally became active as a live performing act and played festivals and club shows throughout 2010 and further on to this date.

In early 2012 King of Asgard finished the songwriting for their second album “…to North” and returned to Sonic Train Studios in April, again with Andy LaRocque at the helm. An epic album showcasing the bands strong foundation. “…to North”, spanning over ten songs including a tribute cover song of Isengard’s classic “Vinterskugge” was released in September 2012. Another video was released as an album teaser in May of 2012, depicting the song “The Nine Worlds Burn”. Yet again with producer Rickard Monéus of 1897.

On the 22nd of July 2014 King of Asgard released their 3rd full-length album “Karg”, recorded back in April. This being the band’s third time recording with Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios accompained by engineer Olof Berggren. With even more careful songwriting, precise and mature, combined with a more immediate and true to heart approach, King of Asgard’s “Karg” is a showcase of vindictive and honarable homage to their forefathers and ancestral heritage. This barren album carrying eight individual songs and a tribute to the master and ever inspiring Quorthon (Thomas Forsberg) of the legendary Bathory: “Total Destruction”. As a pattern of habit King of Asgard again filmed a music video along with Rickard Monéus, at the Royal Castle of Vadstena for the song “The Runes of Hel”.

A while after the release of “Karg” the band unfortunately sees some major line-up changes resulting in parting ways with both Karsten Larsson and Lars Tängmark. Though, very soon the unit stood firm again and both places were filled, First teaming up with drummer Mathias Westman and later on also filling the empty guitar spot with guitarist Ted Sjulmark – the closure of the formless void. In May 2016 a pact was made between King of Asgard and Trollmusic / Prophecy Productions. Thus leaving the great years along with Metal Blade Records behind… it was a pleasure working with them!
(King of Asgard’s past and current track record consists of acts, among others: Mithotyn, Thy Primordial, Dawn, Choir of Vengeance, Indungeon, Niden Div. 187, Throne of Heresy, Grimner, Vanhelgd…)

Current status: King of Asgard @ Endarker Studio recording ” :taudr: “. Release; tba. through TROLLMUSIC and Prophecy Productions.

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