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Istapp - logoWholeheartedly set to Frost! „Icicle“ is the translation of the band‘s name. A damn right choice. Ever since the founding in 2005 in the South East of Sweden is all about deepest chilling and darkest interests. Once, planet earth was covered in snow, ice and glaciers. Then the foul solar depending creatures swarmed the earth with its repulsive existence.

Now it is time to reverse the process and recreate Snowball Earth. ISTAPP finally presents an antidote for the sun and its worshippers entitled „Frostbiten“. And these fully uncompromising Northmen from Mjövik out of the local Blekinge County return finally with another brilliant masterpiece of noble Melodic Black Metal.

Since the 2010 debut full-length, the stunning original „Blekinge“, the Swedes let wait their supercooled followers on a new icy revelation. And the new light-eaters manifesto „Frostbiten“ shows all the invested dedication, passion, fervor and obsession edifying significantly. Ten perfectly sophisticated sun-killers were composed with gigantic assiduity.

Ten black shining numbers thus which are all for the most exciting kind of Melodic Black Metal. The inherent tendency to craft perfection one can hear and feel almost every second on „Frostbiten“, which is to experience in breathtaking manner. Band founder and exceptional talent Fjalar shows once again with full force to which outstanding championship he’s capable of.

The multi-instrumentalist and clear-vocalist of ISTAPP currently demotes the most out of this area smooth for irrelevance, one might think. Along with the new and multiple capable singer Isar, Fjalar celebrates majestic uplifting Scandinavian art. Deeply haunting sounds have emerged that also frantically stir the mind how they can inspire the soul blissfully. Because the impetuous wildness of the songs on „Frostbiten“ just is not tame, while the whole thing correlates with highly melodic aesthetics strikingly harmonious. What a powerful recipe!

The well-known trademark of ISTAPP gets fully explored of course once more: so the groovy instrumentation is thundering temporarily in compact combination with evocative beguiling clear vocals of Fjalar. Unique. Sometimes their illustrious winter lecture is refined again with dreamy atmospheric keyboard interludes. With the latter ISTAPP achieve an absolutely fabulous wealth of contrast to quirkiest, technically flawless made Riff patterns and unspeakably frenetically beaten drum rolls. 100 % ISTAPP. And therefore 100 % quality. Stronger than ever,

Fjalar and Isar bring forth the Absolute Zero and march for the final extermination of the burning star. Join forces and die a honourable death or prepare yourselves for eternal torment. And join the unstoppable hypothermia!

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