In My Embrace

  • In My Embrace - Information
  • 2004
  • Active
  • Sliptrick Records
  • Sandviken / Gävle
    • Kenneth Larsson (Vocals)
    • Johan Sjöblom (Guitas, vocals)
    • Bosse Öhman (Guitas, vocals)
    • Jon Brundin (Bass)
    • Tommy Holmer (Drums, session)
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In My Embrace started around 2004, as a black metal project by Johan Sjöblom (vocals, guitar and between 2004-2014 also bass) and Bosse Öhman (guitar, backing vocals and lyric writer), as a side project to Johans other bands Dii Minores (guitar, growl) and Well of Tears (guitar, backing growls). Because of Bosses tinnitus problems IME didn’t play live or rehearse like bands usually do. IME was a way for Johan and Bosse to create a darker and more powerful music than Johans other bands. The music style at that time were more old school black metal with some influences from viking black/death metal. Many songs were written but never properly recorded at the time. The songs ‘Nattvandraren’ and ‘Diabolical Masquerade’ from the debut EP Dead to Dust Descend were written during this time. 2006 the project were put on hold when Johan got too busy playing with a band called Zweihander (later changed to Planet Rain). In 2007 Johan decided to leave Planet Rain for personal reasons. He did however play on demo tapes with all previous named bands and played live with them as well. Bosse took his place in Planet Rain (guitar, backing growls) but left in January 2009 due to worsening tinnitus related hearing problems. With Planet Rain, Bosse played at Metal Camp Festival in Slovenia 2008, did two short tours in Sweden and Finland. He also appears on their two first albums and on their drummer Tommy Holmer’s solo project Rimthurs as a guest musician.

2010 IME were brought back to life! Johan had a bunch of ideas and started writing new material and rewrite some of the old. The future EP began to take form. During 2012 a pre-production of the EP with digital drums were done to get a picture of what everything could sound like. They asked Tommy Holmer (Planet Rain, Rimthurs, Undivine) if he could record the drums which he gladly did. The EP got recorded between 2012-2013. The song ‘Av Skymning Kommen, Mot Gryning Går’ is a song written (and performed) by Bosse in the spring of 2013 about his suicide attempt. It was a last minute recording but it felt important to have it on the EP. On the outro song ‘Remembrance’, Johan Björklund (guest musician) played the synth. The album was mixed and mastered in Studio Apocalypse by Jonas Lindström (Isole/Ereb Altor/Undivine).

At the end of 2013 In My Embrace came in contact with Sliptrick Records. This led to the release of Dead to Dust Descend March 21st, 2014. The EP was a 6 song (plus one bonus track not mentioned) Swedish melodic black/death metal piece with a diversity of songs written over the years. To that EP a music lyric video to the title track was released March 22nd 2014, containing approved licensed background cinematics from the Blizzard Entertainment video game Diablo 3.

Johan and Bosse started to talk about getting more members to the project so it could be a real band and the music could be taken to the next step (meaning real rehearsals and the possibility to play live). That part Bosse can’t participate in because of his severe tinnitus so when it comes to rehearsals and doing gigs a future session member has to take his place. Tommy Holmer wanted to stay as a session drummer and still is but on bass they asked Jon Brundin and he accepted. Jon has a history playing with both Well of Tears (bass) and Dii Minores (guitar). He played bass on WoT:s first demo. What the future holds for IME is yet to be seen…

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