Harbingers of the Serpent Fire, carriers of the emerald of Urkaos, and torchbearers of the Luciferian Flame.

Legendary Grafvitnir, a ferocious Black Metal band from the dark forests of Sweden, was formed in 2007 and is by far one of Sweden’s most respected black metal constellations.

The driving force behind the band is and has always been, Occultism and the never-ending quest for the enigmatic emerald of Lucifer.

Their lyrics deal with Occultism, witchcraft, werewolves, dark heathendom, transcendence, and the eternal fires of the Otherworld.

Their pitch-black and ferocious anthems all seem to be permeated by the blazing Gnosis of Pleroma and carried by the freezing Night Winds of the most bewildering and furthest edges of Beyond.

Grafvitnir has thus far released seven full-length albums titled ‘NâHásh’, ‘Semen Serpentis’, ‘Necrosophia’ and ‘Obeisance to a Witch Moon’, ‘Keys to the Mysteries Beyond’, ‘Venenum Scorpionis’, ‘Death’s Wings Widespread’, and a cassette named ‘Vessels of Serpent Fire’.

Albums by Grafvitnir

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