Edge of Sanity


Swedish band Edge Of Sanity formed out of two other local bands in November 1989. In the beginning they were more of a “one time project band” and didn’t take it too seriously. They released their Euthanasia demo and the fans liked it. They decided to make this a serious band and added two guitarists. Dread who was playing bass was switched to guitar and they acquired Lindberg on bass. This lineup would produce several demos, most known would be “Kur-Nu-Gi-A”, which resulted in the band being signed to Black Mark Productions. They went into Montezuma Recordings and recorded their debut, “Nothing but Death Remains”.

The final result did not satisfy them. They wrote new material which became the “Dead but Dreaming” demo. Black Mark decided to let them record another CD which was called “Unorthodox”. Total death metal album ranging from grind parts to utter, devastation mid temp death metal the symphonic way. This CD had their ballad, “When all is Said”. This track turned out so well in the recorded version that there was a video to promote it. Swano further managed to garner additional publicity by having bands record at his studio – Gorysound renamed later Unisound.


Not only did Dan Swano managed to entertain himself – and some others – by his many projects, Swano would routinely contribute musically to the bands visiting his studio. 1996’s Crimson is quite suave and features a 40-minute long song. The follow-up album Infernal is recorded by Hypocrisy’s Peter Tagtgren. After numerous releases, Swano leaves the band in the autumn of 1997. Edge Of Sanity not only continued but actually does its second ever tour with replacement Robert Karlsson. The band pretty much died after their CD, Cryptic. Today Dan tells us the “real” story on why he left and now is currently writing a new EOS cd titled, Crimson II. This will be the last CD under the name of EDGE OF SANITY.


Albums by Edge of Sanity

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