The name Domgård is inspired by old scandinavian language and means “the realm of the damned” which intends the forbidden domains of the dark underworlds, Utgardr. The spiritual foundation of Domgård is based upon the Chaosofical cult of Þursasiðr.

The night of 30 october 1997 the seed was sown which soon grew to become Domgård, when Vindkall and Trollheim met through a mutual friend at an traditional arrangemant. After a longer discussion, which elucidated that they had similar visions, they decided to start a band together. Trollheim introduced his friend Orm to Vindkall and during the following dark winter months the three spent a lot of time in Orms basement which was decorated as a rehearsal room. Some tracks were recorded on tape but it circulated only among closer acquaintances.

In the surroundings of the place lied a desolated mountain called Domberget, and which also partly inspired to the name Domgård, and the company spent several inspiring nights there under the moon and stars. Something was born and many thoughts and ideas were developed. 1998 Ulv was connected to the musical host. The members were also active in other musical projects but gradually they all focused more of their energy on Domgård. After a time of rehearsing Domgård was resting but in the beginning of 1999 when the band got a new rehearsal place, including several rooms and which also became an alternative home for the members, a new active period begun. New material was written and rehearsal demos was recorded. Due to lack of time Trollheim left the band and after a time Vindkall introduced his recent friend Illbrand to Domgård and he became the new singer. A creative and enthusiastic period followed.

Domgård had since a time begun a darker chapter and some new course of events took place when some of the members gave full expression to violent visions of blood and flames. The foundation of Domgård wasn’t only music and the ideas of an occult brotherhood of terror, whose essence should be reflected in the music, were realized. After an intense period the members of Domgård were arrested for several actions. Some months later a trial was processed against the members. Vindkall and Illbrand were judged to five years in prison while Orm was judged to two and a half years. Domgård was resting again, but grew at the same stronger and when Vindkall got access to a guitar in prison new musical creations were born. Domgård got a lot of attention in the media and several books were written which emphasized the band. Yet few people had have the possibility to hear their music even if some persons began to spread one of the bands older rehearsal demos.

Finally came the day when the members were released from prison, but Domgård continued as a duo that consisted of Vindkall and Ulv whom recorded the demo Blodskald in the summer of 2004. Orm wasn’t a part of Domgård since the year 2000 and Illbrand had lost interest in playing music, even if he at some time discussed about working with Domgård again. But he chose to leave this physical world behind and hanged himself in july 2007, leaving a notification which proclaimed that this life wasn’t rewarding enough for him and that he should search for his goal in the unknown beyond.
There have been a lot of circumstances around which have restrained the band from presenting their creations, and during the following three years Domgård proceeded with only Vindkall holding the banner. But in autumn 2008 Hrimner and Mørkestøl joined the horde and in the end of the year Hraegelmir, from the band Panphage, became a part of the assemblage. Due to lack of time Mørkestøl soon had to leave the band though. In spring 2009 the trio recorded five tracks which was released as a split with Cursed 13 which was released by ‘Ginnung Productions’. During the summer 2009 Heljarmadr from Cursed 13 joined Domgård as a rhythm guitarist. In 2010 Domgård recorded the fullength album ‘I Nifelhels Skygd’ which was released by Frostscald Records and in 2012 the fullength album ‘Myrkvidr’ was recorded and released by Frostscald.

In late 2012 bass player Hraegelmir left the band to focus on other things and was replaced by Askr in late 2013. During the summer 2014 Mardröm replaced Heljarmadr as a rhythm guitarist since Heljarmadr hadn’t the time to focus on several bands but will still contribute as a background vocalist in Domgård. Now, 2015, the band works on a new fullength album which is called ‘Ödelagt’.

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