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As You Drown is a death metal band formed in Borås, Sweden in the winter of 2003/2004 as Eternal Chaos, changed name as Ethereal and in 2008 the current the band changed name again to As You Drown. They have released two studio albums, “Reflection” (2009) and “Rat King” (2011). 

The band released demos between 2003-2005 and managed to performe some shows supporting fellow European metal bands like Entombed and Vader before encountering their first set of lineup changes.

In 2005 Åkerström decided to focus on his guitar playing, opting to bring in Christopher Ranasen to pick up his vocal duties. They also brought in bassist Robert Karlsson to replace Persson, who was leaving the band to study in Japan. With the lineup solidified, the band further honed its sound, a blend of the technical ferocity of Behemoth with the heaviness of Morbid Angel.

In 2007 the band released a demo album titled Demo 2007. In 2008 the band changed singer once again, replacing Ranasen with ex-Shadowbuilder vocalist Henrik Blomqvist. With a new recording project underway and a new lineup, the band decided to change its name, dropping Ethereal and being reborn with its current moniker, As You Drown. In 2009, their debut album, Reflection, was released in Europe and the U.S. by Metal Blade Records in 2009. They are currently signed to Metal Blade Records.

In 2010, the band went on tour in Europe as supporting act for Polish death metal band Vader. On October 7, 2011 the band released their second album, Rat King.

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