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Ragnarök, the end of days, when the old Norse gods engage in final battle with the giants. Mankind will burn in fire and all land drowns in the oceans. This is the time when a giant wolf breaks free from his chains and swallows the sun and moon. The name of this vile creature is Fenrir. To him and his predatory grey kin, the wolves, ARCKANUM dedicates its eighth album “Fenris Kindir”.

With this theme, mastermind Shamaatae continues on the path taken with his previous full-length “Helvítismyrkr” (2011), which explored the Old Norse giantess and ruler of a realm of the dead, Hel, another spawn of the trickster deity Loki and sister of Fenrir. Shamaatae founded ARCKANUM in 1992 as a band project, but decided to continue solo after the first demo, “Demo-93”.

The Swede had previously played drums in CONQUEST/GROTESQUE (which were to become AT THE GATES) and founded Death Metal band ABSORPTION with his brother Sataros, before renaming it DISENTERMENT. With ARCKANUM, Shamaatae turned musically to Black Metal again, while taking inspiration from Pan, anti-cosmic Satanism, Old Norse tradition, runic witchcraft and chaos Gnosticism.

His sound draws inspiration from Black and Death Metal with strong influences from the 80’s. ARCKANUM’s first albums “Fran Marder” (1995), “Kostogher” (1997) and “Kampen” (1998) as well as a host of EPs won Shamaatae a large following in the underground. “ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ” (2009) captured the attention of mainstream Metal media as well, which continued to praise “Helvítismyrkr” as the next step in the evolution of ARCKANUM.

Now “Fenris Kindir” adds more elements to the formula that intelligently illuminate the trollish aspect of Shamaatae’s work. In his case a “troll” does not stand for juvenile internet delinquents or the villains in children’s books, but the dark beings of medieval folk tales. Thus the listener will be suddenly confronted by a surprisingly rocking undertone or a folklore fiddle cunningly embedded within a cold Black Metal rage. These are all fitting pieces within the musical puzzle that is ARCKANUM. Beware of “Fenris Kindir”!

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