Far Away From The Sun

  • Album Info
  • Sacramentum
  • 1996
  • Adipocere Records

Far Away From The Sun – 1996

1. Fog’s Kiss
2. Far Away from the Sun
3. Blood Shall Be Spilled
4. When Night Surrounds Me
5. Cries from a Restless Soul
6. Obsolete Tears
7. Beyond All Horizons
8. The Vision and the Voice
9. Outro – Darkness Falls for Me / Far Away from the Sun (Part Two)

Far Away From The Sun
, re-released through Century Media Records in 2013
Highly sought after for years, Sweden’s melodic black metal outfit SACRAMENTUM’s fantastic debut album “Far Away From The Sun” (1996) is now available again in its definite version and also for the first time ever officially on vinyl! Garnered with improved sound and artwork this is a must-have for fans of Dissection, Naglfar, Necrophobic, Watain.

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