The Monster Within

  • Album Info
  • Degradead
  • 2013
  • Metalville

The Monster Within – 2013

1. One Against All
2. The Monster Within
3. For Better or Worse
4. Dead Will Come Alive
5. We’ll Meet Again
6. The Dark Mind
7. Strive to Struggle
8. Scars of Misery
9. Tendency to Sin
10. Sorrow Never Survives

In January 2013 Degradead headed south of Sweden, to Skara, to record their 4th studio album. This time the band felt that a change was needed and so ended up recording with the famous Thomas “Plec” Johansson at studio The Panic Room. The album will be set for release in September 2013. The 10 track listed album, entitled “The Monster Within” is the first album with the new drummer Amit Mohla.

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