Some of the vinyls that I bought last week online in Sweden and at stores in Berlin and Vienna...

Some of the vinyls that I bought last week online and at stores in Berlin and Vienna…

I have been into collecting metal albums for more than 30 years now, but I sold / gave away / traded away all my old vinyl albums back when the CD came and grew big. So my old Accept, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Morbid Angel etc album are gone since long.

After that I started to collect CD´s more or less actyive during the years and I have also sold away lots of CD´s (think its quite close to 2000 CD´s) 10 years ago for a number of reasons.

But a few years after that I started to by CD´s again and later on I started to re-collect the albums that I missed the most in my current collection. Today its more of a quality collection than a quantity collection.

During the early spring of 2016 I bought a Audio Technica vinyl player again and after that I have collected quite alot of vinyls. I only buy albums that I like and that I think is worth to own. There are many albums that I miss in my collection, but 63 vinyls bought in six months is quite alot when I think about it (had two Watain vinyls before I bought the vinyl player).

Today I finished a “vinyl collection” page that are located in a sub menu under “Information” in the main menu.

Feel free to check it out if you are into vinyl and especially black and death metal, raw/brutal and melodic.

You can give the albums your “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”, read a little about the albums and view the images of the frontcover and the actual vinyl.

Click here to check out my personal vinyl collection as it is now.

Last bought vinyls:
Baptism – V: The Devil’s Fire
Behemoth – The Satanist
Dawn – Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Fløgh
Emperor – In The Nightside Eclipse
King Of Asgard – Karg
Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Sarcasm – Burial Dimensions
Satyricon – Live At The Opera
Vanhelgd – Temple Of Phobos
Vinterland – Welcome My Last Chapter 15 – Year – Old Blood

The albums in the list are not available for sale or trade in any way. In case you have vinyls similar to the bands/albums in my list that you wish to trade or sell, send a messade through the contact page that you find in the top menu on this site.


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