Skogen – Vittra

Swedish black metal.

Kristallblut Records (2016) – KBR017

2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
LImited edition of 300 copies in 180 g black vinyl. Gatefold.

A1. Dimfärd
A2. Skuggorna Kallar

B1. Eld
B2. Ur Mörkret Hon Kommer
B3. Höst

C1. Vålnaden
C2. Skymning
C3. Under Fullmånens Sken

D1. I Skogens Djup
D2. Slutet

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Skogen - Vittra
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Vittra, the first album by the Swedish black metal band Skogen were released on CD only in 2009. The album were re-released five years later with new artwork and again one year later on Digi-pak CD.

This vinyl version were released in 2016 by Kristallblut Records (KBR017) and it has the smae nice artwork as the first re-release. It is by now sold out and it´s limited to 300 copies worldwide on 180 gram black vinyls.

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