Scar Symmetry, short Swedish tour

The Swedish band Scar Symmetry will do a short Swedish club tour together with Deals Death and Loch Vostok. The Tour starts with a gig on April 10 with a gig at L’Orient in Linköping. Deals Death will support Scar Symmetry on three dates and the band Loch Vostok will support the band on the gig in Sala at Rockland on April 18.

All dates on the tour:

Scar Symmetry + Deals Death
10/4 – Linköping, L’Orient
11/4 – Finspång, Hugo
25/4 – Stockholm, Göta Källare

Scar Symmetry + Loch Vostok
18/4 – Sala, Rockland

Scar Symmetry @ Swedish Metal

Deals Death @ Swedish Metal

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