Revel In Flesh – Emissary Of All Plagues

Revel In Flesh – Emissary Of All Plagues

German deatrh metal

Cyclone Empire (2016) – CYC 164-1

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Red
Limited 1st pressing of 300 copies on Red Vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.

A1. Emissary Of All Plagues
A2. Casket Ride
A3. Fortress Of Gloom
A4. Servants Of The Deathkult
A5. Torture Throne

B1. The Dead Lives On
B2. Lord Of Flesh
B3. Sepulchral Passage
B4. Dead To This World
B5. Doctor Doctor



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Revel In Flesh - Emissary Of All Plagues
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A week ago I was listening to one of my “Daily Mix” playlists on Spotify. Then a track came up, don´t remember the title, but it was the band Revel In Flesh and I liked it. I had to check out the band on the internet. I could only find first album, “Deathevokation” on vinyl in the Swedish online stores so I placed a order.

After that I checked generally on the net to see if I could find the later albums on vinyl and in the Apostasy Records online store they had a couple of copies left of “Emissary Of All Plagues”, new red limited versions. I placed a order and some days later the album was sent out and a few days later it arrived from Germany to Sweden.

“Emissary Of All Plagues” is a really good album, a perfect mix of the Swedish death metal (Stockholm area) from the beginning/middle of the ninties and the American type of death metal, with melodies and a modern sound. There are no clean vocals here, wich is good, I can´t really stand when there are whining vocals thrown in just because of it. This is a excellent mix of some different styles of death metal, the way I want my death metal to sound.

The sound is good, the album have been mixed especially for vinyl and the package and artwork is great as well. It is very similr to the bands previous vinyl release, “Death Kult Legions” when it comes to layout, but with different artwork and graphics…

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