Revel In Flesh – Death Kult Legions

Revel In Flesh – Death Kult Legions

German death metal

Cyclone Empire (2014) – CYC 151-1

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Green
Limited edition of 300 copies in dark green 180g vinyl. Order of tracks different from CD. Gatefold sleeve.

A1. In The Name Of The Flesh
A2. When Glory Turns To Ruin
A3. Black Oath Impurity
A4. Graveyard Procession
A5. Death Kult Legions
A6. As Souls Desecend

B1. Hurt Locker
B2. Frozen Majesty
B3. Cryptcrawler
B4. Levitation
B5. Necropolis



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Revel In Flesh - Death Kult Legions
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A week ago I was driving my car back home from work in the afternoon, listening to one of my “Daily Mix” playlists on Spotify through my iPhone connected to the car stereo with the feature CarPlay. Then a track came up, don´t remember the title, but it was the band Revel In Flesh.

I liked what I heard and had to check out the band on the internet as soon as I got home again. Icould only find first album, “Deathevokation” on vinyl in the Swedish online stores so I placed a order.

After that I checked generally on the net to see if I could find the later albums on vinyl and also put out a “search for” advertisement in a Facebook group where I wanted to buy the two latest Revel In Flesh albums on vinyl. I received a pm on my request and I traded with one of my vinyls from my collection and received this piece, “Death Kult Legions” on limited green vinyl, with gatefold cover in new/mint condition. A successful trade.

“Death Kult Legions” is a really good album, the music is if you would take one part Swedish “old school” death metal, mix it with a part of the a bit later Swedish melodic death metal and then throw in more brutal, later type of death metal. You would then have the mix done and Revel In Flesh is the recult. Another way to describe it would be to say, quite brutal death metal with melodies, but without clean, whining vocals. This is my kind of death metal!

The sound is good, the album have been mixed especially for vinyl and the package and artwork is great as well.

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