Regnum Antichristi – Acârash / Voodus / Nekrokraft live

Regnum Antichristi – Hymns to the Dark Lord

Acârash / Voodus / Nekrokraft live at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg on March 30 (Saturday).

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Acârash was born in the autumn of 2016 in Oslo, in the burning ruins of the 90’s cult The Void. With a crystal clear vision of creating occult, depressive and doomig black metal, they released their debut “In Chaos Becrowned” in June 2018 on Dark Essence Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem from Caliban Studios (Devil, Kvelertak, NettleCarrier, Mongo Ninja, Timeworn). With experiences from bands such as Mistur, Lonely Kamel, Faustus, Blodsgard, The Void, Bode Preto and others. Acârash is moving forward like a fanatic procession. Their unique blend of dirty black metal, depressive doom and groovy 70’s hard rock crawls through Europe’s tombs. Spotify


This story dates back to 2004 when the band was known as Jormundgand. With ‘Into the Wild’, VOODUS has refined its craft to its most powerful, refined essence. The sound is deeply rooted in the 1990s, with icy melodies echoing over a boiling abyss of black metal. The quartet relieves professional compositions with wide variety, with easily remembered melodies constantly on the cutting edge – all framed in a razor-sharp production from Necromorbus Studio. Spotify


With one foot in the underground scene and one in the modern extreme metal, a unique blend is created between the old and the new through riffs and melodies that blend the best from both parts. Nekrokraft has played at festivals such as Black Christmass, Gefle Metal, Sweden Rock and has shared a scene with bands like Mayhem, Marduk, Vader, Antichrist, Vampire and Havok to name a few. With influences from acts like Bathory, Immortal, Behemoth, Testament, Slayer and Dissection, Nekrokraft offers a satanic mums piece to taste. Spotify

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