Our favorite bands need our support now!

Since the situation around the world are as it is I think that we now, more than ever need to support the bands and the whole scene as much as we can!

Read my point of view below and also what Johan “Nephente” Fridell of the Swedish metal bands Netherbird and Riket think abouut the current situation.

There are many postponed or even worse, canceled shows, tours, festivals because of the Corona virus at the moment. Bands are forced to cancel their upcoming performances and the bands and everyone surrounding will lose income (even if its close to nothing when it comes to the underground and some levels above).

What can we do then to support our bands when we can’t see them live and buy merch at their official merch tables?

We can support the bands and the devoted people surrounding them, we can buy merch straight from the bands official platforms like Bandcamp, Tictail, their own official, devoted stores online and physical stores and so on.

We should also keep on supporting the bands and listen to their albums on digital platforms. There are not much money coming in to the bands wallets from that, but as the bands grow there, the more fans they gain and the more possible merch customers they will get to their own official stores.

Personally I still think that we should to buy the physical albums (or official digital downloads) when we hear something that we like and want to support!

If we want to have a active underground scene, then we have to support our bands now more than ever!

// Fredrik, SwedishMetal.nu

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As always… Enjoy the music and support the bands, buy the physical albums & merch!

Johan “Nephente” Fridell of the Swedish bands Netherbird and Riket added his thoughts about the topic Read his point of view below…

Left to right: Pontus Bizmark Andersson (Lead guitars) Fredrik Andersson (Drums) Johan Nephente Fridell (Vocals) Micke André (Bass & Vocals) Johan Nord – Guitars & Vocals Tobias Jakobsson – Lead guitars. Netherbird 2019 – Photo by Jens Rydén

We are facing something very serious and needless to say those that become ill and all the people working endless hours in the healthcare sector are the ones impacted the most. No discussion. But the cultural sector suffers massively.

All bands in the extreme metal scene are basically very small businesses and most have it tough also during good periods, so this is just devastating.

Also keep in mind that we are proud people who do not whine in public, but some people very close to me are dealt severe blows financially by having gigs and festivals cancelled.

No one in their right mind complaining about the cancellations as such, we are facing a virus that is potentially one of the worst afflictions in decades and the health of bands and fans of course must come first. But in the wake of these cancellations bands are left with loss of income and also, in many cases, debts since tickets etc are already paid.

Johan “Nephente” Fridel

Fans can make a tremendous difference right now and every item you buy does help the band. So support those suffering these cancellations. But, and this is important. It is not “just” bands that are taking a blow here.

Many labels have also invested in these gigs. They paid promotion, in some cases visas and etc. We speak a lot of money for these companies who are also struggling during normal times. So do also make sure to support the labels, order some extra records and some shirts.

They need this support. Trust me, they do not have as deep pockets as some think. They are driven by the same passion for the extreme music as the bands. But now for the ones that I think are having it worst now: the smaller gig and festival organisers.

They stand currently with huge losses and few, if any, ways to recoup it. And without these people who take huge risks in booking extreme metal acts, the scene would be dying quickly.

We all know a few of these people. Reach out and check how they are doing. And if need be, start crowd-funding or in order ways help them at least cover some of all the money they have lost recently.

I fear a few will go bankrupt rather soon, and that would be such a shame. So if you know about a local festival or gig organizer that had to cancel their upcoming event(s).

Ask what can be done. We depend on them to make live gigs happen, now it is time for us to make sure we show how much that means to us all. I am sure we will, eventually, get through this horrible situation.

But until then: support the bands, the labels and do NOT forget the local bookers and gig/festival organisers.

Together we can make this easier for those suffering the most in our part of the metal sphere!

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