NettleCarrier – NettleCarrier

NettleCarrier – NettleCarrier

Norwegian black metal.

Indie Recordings (2012) – INDIE083LP

Vinyl, LP, Album
Black vinyl, printed inner sleeve.

A1. The Boiling Blood
A2. Paa Vaare Paaler Deres Hoder
A3. I Helvete Kristus Skal Forgaa

B1. Naar Han Vaakner
B2. Demoriel
B3. Cup Of Lethe
B4. Bundet Til Masten

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NettleCarrier - NettleCarrier
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Well, this vinyl are only in my collection because of the mebers of this Norwegian black metal band, NettleCarrier has connectiions to the band Djevel (wich is one of my new favorite bands). This is good and kind of primitive black metal, very much like the band Djevel but with vocals a different singer, here its the bass player Mannevond who handle the vocals.

Also the drum sound remains of Djevel, maybe its because of its played by Dirge Rep (ex Djevel, ex Aura Noir and more).

The sound on the album is good, the music is good, but there are more to wish for. When it comes to the actual product, the vinyl sounds good, the inner/outer sleeves is just something that protect the actual vinyl. Nothing special there.

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