Maze Of Torment – Brave The Blizzard

Maze Of Torment – Brave The Blizzard

Swedish death / thrash metal

TPL Records (2004) – TPL 018

Vinyl, 7″, EP with three yet unreleased tracks before. Recorded in Unisound Produced by Dan Swanö in the early winter of 1995, released in 2004. Limited to 545 copies.

A1. Brave The Blizzard

B1. Eclipse The Night
B2. Land Unknown

Maze Of Torment - Brave The Blizzard
  • Maze Of Torment - Brave The Blizzard
  • Sound
  • Product/print look/quality


This 7″ single/EP was a surprise together with a trade and to be hones I had never heared thes three tracks before.

I find the title track on this single, “Brave The Blizzard” hard to stop listening to. Several times I have played it over again instead of changing side to hear the other two, good tracks.

The tracks were recorded all the way back in 1995 with Dan Swanö as producer in Unisound (!) and the tracks were released in 2004 by the small Swedish label TPL Records.

This single/EP make me want to find the bands three first albums with the same line-up: Peter “Pete Flesh” Karlsson (The Pete Flesh Deathreip) on guitars, Pehr Larsson (Vinterland, Alfahanne) on Vocals. Excellent music, very “young” sounding and typical for the time at the period in Sweden when the tracks on this single/EP werre recorded.

Not much to say about the product look and feel, it looks way worse compared to the music, Simple band photo and the logo looks like its drawn with a pen on the cover. Maybe there were no material available to use to make this 7″ better looking, so I should maybe just be happy about that I own this piece.

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