Firespawn – Shadow Realms

Firespawn – Shadow Realms

Swedish death metal.

Century Media (2015) – 9985871

Vinyl, LP, Album. Deluxe LP with 180g black vinyl, gatefold sleeve, poster, 4-page inlay plus the entire album on CD

A1. The Emperor
A2. Imperial Burning
A3. Lucifer Has Spoken
A4. Spirit Of The Black Tide
A5. Contemplate Death

B1. All Hail
B2. Ruination
B3. Necromance
B4. Shadow Realms
B5. Ginnunga
B6. Infernal Eternal

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Firespawn - Shadow Realms
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The first album by the Swedish “all-star” old school death metal band Firespawn. Featuring well known musicans for the scene, delivering great death metal as it sounded in the Stockholm area around the early 90´s. A good album with some tracks that stands out but yet solid.

This version is a nice 180g black vinyl pressing, comes as a gatefold sleeve with a poster,a 4-page inlay plus the entire album on CD.


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