Dawn – The Eternal Forest – Demo Years ’91-’93

Dawn – The Eternal Forest – Demo Years ’91-’93

Swedish black/death metal

Century Media (2014) – CMD9984161

Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Remastered, White.
180 gram, single jacket sleeve. Limited to 300 copies.

The Eternal Forest / Apparition
A1. In The Depths Of My Soul
A2. Incantation Of Unholyness
A3. Spawn Of Evil
A4. Thirst Of The Dead

Promo ’93
B1. In The Depths Of My Soul
B2. The Eternal Forest
B3. As The Tears Fall

Demo I ’92
B4. Thirst Of The Dead
B5. Dawn Of Torture


Tracks A1 to A4 originally released on the Demo Tape Dawn – Apparition and the Split CD Pyphomgertum / Dawn – The Dark Light / The Eternal Forest.
Recorded at Gory Sound studios, December 1992.

Tracks B1 to B3 originally released on Dawn – Promotional Demo 1993.
Recorded at Unisound studios, September 1993.

Track B4 & B5 originally released on Dawn – Demo #1 ’92.
Recorded at studio Arrogance, March 1992.


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