Alfahanne – Det Nya Svarta

Alfahanne – Det Nya Svarta

Swedish metal / rock / punk / black metal.

Indie Recordings (2017) – INDIE 185LP

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition.Transparent green vinyl with black splatter

A1. Satans Verser
A2. Stigmata
A3. Avgrundsgravitation
A4. Dödsmaskin
A5. Klubb 27

B1. Mitt Mörker Är Mörkare Än Ditt
B2. Även En Hund Har Sin Dag
B3. Svarta Får
B4. Det Nya Svarta

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Alfahanne - Det Nya Svarta
  • Alfahanne - Det Nya Svarta
  • Sound
  • Product/print look/quality


Det Nya Svarta by the Swedish band Alfahanne is not what I normaly listen to, at all.

But there is something that caught my attention with this album and band. Can be the fact that their sound and style are quite uniqe and that they mix rock and punk, but you can hear that there are some black metal influenses in there.

Without the black metal in there this record would never be in my collection.

When it comes to the actual product, sound and package this is great. The transparent gren vinyl with the black splatter looks great and the sleeve loogs great too. There is a inner leaflet with a photo of the band on one side and lyrics on the other side included. For this release it would have been nice with a gatefold cover instead of “relular” cover.

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