Defiatory - bandphoto

Defiatory was formed from the roots of the East Bay Area thrash metal scene. With their straight and heavy riffs they have created a 8 songs, 39 minute long debut album called ”Extinct”. The sound takes you from early Megadeth,…
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Meshuggah - bandphoto

Meshuggah was formed in 1987 in Umeå, Sweden. At this time the line-up was Fredrik Thordendal – guitars, Jens Kidman – vocals, Johan Sjögren – guitars, Per Sjögren – drums and Jörgen Lindmark – bass. Jens Kidman soon left the…
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The Haunted

The Haunted - bandphoto

THE HAUNTED’s founding member and guitarist Jensen checked in to comment on the recent developments as follows: “THE HAUNTED went through some difficult times last year. Losing three band members is a pretty huge blow to any band. Jonas and…
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The Resistance

The Resistance - bandphoto

Do you remember the good old days of Swedish death metal back in the 1980s/1990s when berserk bands like Entombed, Grave or Dismember showed us how insanely brutal and relentless, yet immensely captivating and technically adept extreme music can be?…
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Nifelheim - bandphoto

Tyrant and Hellbutcher are twins, and are known in Sweden as “Bröderna Hårdrock”, which translates to “The Hard Rock Brothers” (although it could also be translated as “The Heavy Metal Brothers” since “Hårdrock” is used to define all kinds of…
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Bathory - Quorthon

Bathory was formed in Stockholm in 1983, for fun, by the then 17-year-old Quorthon. After various names and numerous line-up changes, the group finally settled on Bathory. That same year, Quorthon managed to secure the consent of Tyfon Grammofon’s boss…
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