After a night of heavy drinking and blastbeats at a local venue in early 2012, blackened thrash metal came into mind. Two weeks later Nekrokraft was formed by Angus (vocals, guitar and bass at the time), Timmy (lead guitar) and…
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King of Asgard

King of Asgard - bandphoto2 2017

King of Asgard took form in 2008 by founder Karl Beckman when he teamed up with long time fellow musician Karsten Larsson. Both had previously played together in the well-known viking metal horde Mithotyn. The duo worked on re-discovering their…
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Left to right: Angst (drums), Bendler (vocals), Scucca (guitars), Zorn (guitars)

Symphonic Extreme Metal band based in Stockholm – founded and led by multi-instrumental mastermind and songwriter Zorn. After parting ways with his former band Dark Funeral, he was determined to shake up the traditional Metal meets Symphony approach with his…
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Nekrodelirium - bandphoto

Nekrodelirium was formed in the beginning of 2011 as a side-project by Sandra Stensen and Erik Röjås. The band went on its first tour in August 2013 in Russia. In april 2014 the debut-MCD: Apocalypse was recorded in Studio Souless…
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Hyperion - bandphoto

Hyperion was formed in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden by former vocalist Erik Thorell, original bass player August Bengtsson and current guitar player Erik Molnar. Shortly after the bands inception, drummer Anders Peterson joined as well. The only 2 members that…
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Ablaze My Sorrow

Ablaze My Sorrow - bandphoto

Formed in 1993 by Martin Quist (vocals/guitar), Magnus Carlsson (guitar), Anders Brorsson (bass), and Fredrik Wenzel (drums), Ablaze My Sorrow followed in the footsteps of similar Swedish death metal combos by incorporating lots of melody into their frantic assaults. Replacement…
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Orbit Culture

Orbit Culture - bandphoto

In the deep forests of southern Sweden lies the small town of Eksjö where the band Orbit Culture originates from. The idea of the band grew strong within singer & rhythm guitarist Niklas and lead guitarist Maximilian after messing around…
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This Ending

This Ending - bandphoto

THIS ENDING was created in 2005, but the true history dates even earlier. The band existed in a previous incarnation as A CANOROUS QUINTET, which was formed in 1991 by Fredrik Andersson, Mårten Hansen and Linus Nirbrant. After some changes,…
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Solution .45

Solution 45 - bandphoto

When Christian Älvestam (Miseration, Torchbearer, Unmoored, ex-Scar Symmetry) and Jani Stefanovic (Miseration) got together to write some modern-metal jams in 2007, nobody expected that only a few years later would yield the avalanche that is SOLUTION .45. At the time,…
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1333123217_02Torchbearer - bandphoto

The beginning… Torchbearer was formed back in 2003, by Christian Älvestam (known from acts such as “Scar Symmetry”, “Miseration” and “Solution .45”, to name a few). Today, only Christian and Pär Johansson (also in “Satariel” and “The Few Against Many”), whose…
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Zonaria - bandphoto

Formed in 2002 by guitarist, main-songwriter, and vocalist Simon Berglund along with axeman Emil Nyström (both were only 15 years old at that time) ZONARIA have outgrown their local underground status with the debut album “Infamy And The Breed” (Pivotal…
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Norrsköld - bandphoto

In 2012 Henrik Bodin-Sköld left the Gothenburg based metal band Irrbloss and started the studio project Norrsköld. The inspiration for the music is primarily traditional folk music and black metal. But also melodic metal with elements of classical guitar work….
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Eucharist - bandphoto 2016

Eucharist was founded in Veddige, a little city about 40 km from Gothenburg, Sweden sometime around 1989. A demo which was released in 1992 became a classic in the metal underground. It was titled “Greeting Immortality”. The same year, Eucharist…
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The Moaning

The Moaning - bandphoto

THE MOANING’s only album “Blood From Stone” is one of those “I read about it, but never listened to it” albums. Why? Because the band comes from Luleå, which back in the days was quite isolated from any kind of…
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Sacramentum - bandphoto

Sacramentum was a black metal band from Falköping, Sweden, formed by Nisse Karlén (vocals/guitar) in the summer of 1990 under the name of Tumulus. Shortly thereafter, Anders Brolycke joined as a second guitarist. The group’s first official recordings were made…
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Thyrfing - bandphoto

Thyrfing have delivered their very own brew of metal music since 1995 and after six full-length albums and numerous live performances the band now releases their eagerly awaited new album called “De ödeslösa”, still carrying the integrity and trademarks known…
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The Duskfall

The Duskfall - Bandphoto

The Duskfall is back! Their new opus which was mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Sonata Arctica, Moonsorrow, Sentenced…) marks the band’s return to the scene after seven years of silence and delivers all the strengths of the Swedish metallers! Intense guitar…
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Gates of Ishtar

Gates of Ishtar 1995

The band were formed in late´92 by Mikael Sandorf (vocals), Andreas Johansson (drums), Stefan Nilsson (guitar) and Harald Åberg (bass). After some time the guys felt that there were something missing in the band so they started to ask around…
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