Wormwood - bandphoto

The New Story – And so it came to pass. Wormwood found a new home with the ever changing Non Serviam Records. We proudly call it our home and hopefully we will remain here for some time. The future is…
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After a night of heavy drinking and blastbeats at a local venue in early 2012, blackened thrash metal came into mind. Two weeks later Nekrokraft was formed by Angus (vocals, guitar and bass at the time), Timmy (lead guitar) and…
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Zornheym - bandphoto

Symphonic Extreme Metal band based in Stockholm – founded and led by multi-instrumental mastermind and songwriter Zorn. After parting ways with his former band Dark Funeral, he was determined to shake up the traditional Metal meets Symphony approach with his…
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Nekrodelirium - bandphoto

Nekrodelirium was formed in the beginning of 2011 as a side-project by Sandra Stensen and Erik Röjås. The band went on its first tour in August 2013 in Russia. In april 2014 the debut-MCD: Apocalypse was recorded in Studio Souless…
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Netherbird - bandphoto

NETHERBIRD sprung into existence October 30th 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden when Nephente, Bizmark and Grim decided to start collaborating. The was goal was to create harsh metal with influences from both black and death metal without any regard or limitation…
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Hyperion - bandphoto

Hyperion was formed in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden by former vocalist Erik Thorell, original bass player August Bengtsson and current guitar player Erik Molnar. Shortly after the bands inception, drummer Anders Peterson joined as well. The only 2 members that…
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Rimfrost - bandphoto

Scandinavian Black Metal has been in dire need for an injection of fresh blood during the last years. Now RIMFROST are powerfully sticking it to this scene with ice-cold needles. “Veraldar Nagli”, which translates as “Axis of the World” –…
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1333123217_02Torchbearer - bandphoto

The beginning… Torchbearer was formed back in 2003, by Christian Älvestam (known from acts such as “Scar Symmetry”, “Miseration” and “Solution .45”, to name a few). Today, only Christian and Pär Johansson (also in “Satariel” and “The Few Against Many”), whose…
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Norrsköld - bandphoto

In 2012 Henrik Bodin-Sköld left the Gothenburg based metal band Irrbloss and started the studio project Norrsköld. The inspiration for the music is primarily traditional folk music and black metal. But also melodic metal with elements of classical guitar work….
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Wholeheartedly set to Frost! „Icicle“ is the translation of the band‘s name. A damn right choice. Ever since the founding in 2005 in the South East of Sweden is all about deepest chilling and darkest interests. Once, planet earth was…
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The Moaning

The Moaning - bandphoto

THE MOANING’s only album “Blood From Stone” is one of those “I read about it, but never listened to it” albums. Why? Because the band comes from Luleå, which back in the days was quite isolated from any kind of…
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Vinterland - bandphoto

Vinterland is a Swedish (Kvicksund) Melodic Black Metal band that formed in 1992 under the name Grimoires. They recorded a couple of demos which were never released. Their third demo was sent to Tomas Nyqvist, head of No Fashion Records….
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Astrophobos - bandphoto

Astrophobos was formed in 2009, and the music is mostly inspired by the Swedish and Norwegian black and death metal scene of the nineties. October 2010 saw the release of the bands first recording, the self-financed EP Arcane Secrets. The…
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The Ugly

The Ugly - bandphoto

THE UGLY was formed in late 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden by Ingemar Gustafson (vocals) and Johan Eriksson (guitars), for the purpose of creating furious and relentless black metal with roots in the bands that put Sweden on the world map…
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Ages - bandphoto 01

AGES was formed during the harsh Swedish winter of 2011. Into existence came “From the Ashes of Time”, the first in line of AGES songs. A distillate of dormant black metal urges, the spawn of years of abstinence. After intense…
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Sacramentum - bandphoto

Sacramentum was a black metal band from Falköping, Sweden, formed by Nisse Karlén (vocals/guitar) in the summer of 1990 under the name of Tumulus. Shortly thereafter, Anders Brolycke joined as a second guitarist. The group’s first official recordings were made…
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Thyrfing - bandphoto

Thyrfing have delivered their very own brew of metal music since 1995 and after six full-length albums and numerous live performances the band now releases their eagerly awaited new album called “De ödeslösa”, still carrying the integrity and trademarks known…
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Satariel - bandphoto

Formed in Boden back in 1993, Satariel took on primitive black metal as well as technical death metal during their demo years, settling on a contemporary Swedish black/death-metal sound for the first album “Lady Lust Lilith” in 1998. The follow-up…
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