In Reverence

In Reverence - banphoto

Early in 2010 Filip Danielsson (vocals) and Oscar Krumlinde (drums) were planning to form a musical project that was set to explore the brutality of the extreme metal scene. In september that same year the band’s first lineup came together…
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Sarcasm - bandphoto 2017

What a journey it has been. OK, technically speaking, this isn’t their first proper full-length – “Burial Dimensions” is. Although “Burial Dimensions” was recorded in 1994, it remained unheard in the vaults until seventeen years later and was finally released…
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Abscession - bandphoto

Swedish death metal act Abscession unleash their long awaited album “Grave Offerings”. The previous demo tape, “Death Incarnate” quickly sold out and garnered much praise. “Grave Offerings” includes ten tracks of pure swedeath mayhem, no compromise! Mastered by Dan Swanö…
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Riket - Avarter

RIKET (Swedish for “The Kingdom”) was founded by Johan Nephente Fridell (vocals) and Tobias Jakobsson (lead guitar) of Netherbird, both sharing a passion for simplistic death metal. During the writing process drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted), once…
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Entombed A.D.

Entombed A.D. - bandphoto

“For those about to rot, we salute you!” says Victor Brandt (bass/backing vocals) and welcomes you to “Dead Dawn”, the second full-length by ENTOMBED A.D. “It feels great to be able to release a new album again. It turned out…
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Throne of Heresy


Throne of Heresy was formed in Mjölby, Sweden in 2009. Three years later, the debut album The Stench of Deceit was recorded in Peter Tägtgren’s Studio Abyss, and was well received by fans and critics. However, being self-released it stayed firmly entrenched…
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Nominon - bandphoto

The Death metal entity known as NOMINON were formed back in 1993. The following years several demo tapes were released and spread within the underground. The first show took place in February 1996 when they supported DISSECTION and DISMEMBER. After…
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Miasmal - bandphoto

A mixed bunch of punks and metalheads named MIASMAL has come to give you an unforgettable lesson on what pure, unaffected death metal is about with “Cursed Redeemer”: Four lads churning out brutal music with no mercy, no regrets, no…
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Tribulation - bandphoto

Any band whose appreciation of music is broad enough to encompass the likes of Dissection, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, The Doors and Type O Negative is unlikely to be interested in recycling other people’s ideas. And as that list of…
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Degial - bandphoto 2015

Degial was formed in the hidden mist of Uppsala (Sweden) by H., E., R. in 2005 in order to play Death Metal. After the release of their demo tape, “Awakening From Darkness” (2006) Degial received an offer from Blood Harvest…
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Lik - bandphoto

The debut album “Mass Funeral Evocation” with the death metal band Lik from Stockholm were released through War Anthem Records on October 16. “Mass Funeral Evocation” is a ultra heavy old-school death metal heavyweight for the fans of old Dismember,…
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Cut Up

Cut Up - bandphoto

With an impressive collective past in the extreme side of metal and the ambition to blaze the trail of musical violence, Cut Up has come to claim the throne. Combining grinding death metal with a modern approach and high musicianship,…
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My Own Grave

My Own Grave - bandphoto

My Own Grave was formed in 2001 and released 4 demos before signing with Karmageddon Media (ex-Hammerheart Records) in 2004. The debut album Unleash was released in 2006 but Karmageddon was pretty much bankrupt so later that year My Own…
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Facebreaker - bandphoto

Facebreaker were formed in 1999, following a conversation between Janne, Roberth, Mikael and Jonas. They had similar music tastes and decided to start a brutal and straight-forward metal band. A few rehearsal-sessions later they added lead guitarist Janos to their…
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Warheim - bandphoto

Warheim is a Swedish death/black metal band that from Gothenburg, Sweden. Warheim has it’s roots in traditional blackmetal and blackened thrash.


Vanhelgd - bandphoto

In the end of the year 2007 Vanhelgd (Swedish for “desecrated” )was formed by Björn Andersson (drums), Jimmy Johansson (guitars, backup vocals) and Mattias Frisk (guitars vocals). The intention was to play dark, blood soaked death metal in the vein…
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As You Drown

As You Drown - bandphoto

As You Drown is a death metal band formed in Borås, Sweden in the winter of 2003/2004 as Eternal Chaos, changed name as Ethereal and in 2008 the current the band changed name again to As You Drown. They have…
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Blood Of Serpents

Blood Of Serpents - bandphoto

BLOOD OF SERPENTS was formed in the beginning of 2012 in the south parts of Sweden by Guitarist: Fredrik Nilsson and (as of then) drummer: Kristian Roupe,who started writing song´s from the get go.They quickly teamed up with vocalist: Rodney…
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