Wormwood - bandphoto

The New Story – And so it came to pass. Wormwood found a new home with the ever changing Non Serviam Records. We proudly call it our home and hopefully we will remain here for some time. The future is…
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We come to the world in -97, born by BITCHFIRE and NECROPHILIAC, just to rape your souls with some VENOM /BATHORY influensed music. Since the beginning we have released three demos, one EP and one fullength-album. In Summer 2001 we…
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Patronymicon was started in 2008 by N.sadist. The intent was to create straightforward cold and hateful black metal. During the first two years it was a one man project and N.sadist spent his time writing and recording preproductions. In early…
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Mephorash - bandphoto

Rites of Nullification enumerates and expands a brief passage in the grimoire “Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash” touching upon four Qliphothic anti-worlds which pertain to antagonistic spheres of revolt against the four classical elemental worlds of creation…
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NAZGHOR - bandphoto 2017

LEGACY Nazghor emerged on a dark winter night in November 2012 from the unholy city of Uppsala in Sweden. This legion of pure dedication for the dark teachings began their path to filthiness and masses of impurity. Bringing a pure,…
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Murdryck - bandphoto

Murdryck is a band that aims to delivery high quality, aggressive and nasty black metal. Murdryck is a return to the old school where riffs and heavy drums are the most important aspect of the music. Tuneful melodies come an…
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Rimfrost - bandphoto

Scandinavian Black Metal has been in dire need for an injection of fresh blood during the last years. Now RIMFROST are powerfully sticking it to this scene with ice-cold needles. “Veraldar Nagli”, which translates as “Axis of the World” –…
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Grá - bandphoto

Ideology, spirituality and symbolism. The name Grá comes from a mixture of the Icelandic “grár” and the Swedish “grå”, simply meaning “gray”. The major content of the lyrical concept is based upon the ancient Scandinavian religion, or rather upon the…
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Tribulation - bandphoto

Any band whose appreciation of music is broad enough to encompass the likes of Dissection, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, The Doors and Type O Negative is unlikely to be interested in recycling other people’s ideas. And as that list of…
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Arackanum - Shamaatae

Ragnarök, the end of days, when the old Norse gods engage in final battle with the giants. Mankind will burn in fire and all land drowns in the oceans. This is the time when a giant wolf breaks free from…
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Warheim - bandphoto

Warheim is a Swedish death/black metal band that from Gothenburg, Sweden. Warheim has it’s roots in traditional blackmetal and blackened thrash.



Wholeheartedly set to Frost! „Icicle“ is the translation of the band‘s name. A damn right choice. Ever since the founding in 2005 in the South East of Sweden is all about deepest chilling and darkest interests. Once, planet earth was…
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Stilla - bandphoto

Stilla is a Swedish black metal act with P. Stille (Bergraven) A. Vidhall (Deranged) A. Pettersson (Armagedda) J. Marklund (De Arma). The debut album “Till Stilla Falla” was released in February 2013 via Nordvis Production. The bands latest album Ensamhetens andar…
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Armagedda - bandphoto

Formed back in 1999. Released vicious tunes through labels such as Sombre Records, Breath of Night Records, Drakkar Productions, Eisenwald & Agonia Records. Once known as Volkermord, Armagedda was a black metal band from Norrland, Sweden. The band released several…
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Blood Of Serpents

Blood Of Serpents - bandphoto

BLOOD OF SERPENTS was formed in the beginning of 2012 in the south parts of Sweden by Guitarist: Fredrik Nilsson and (as of then) drummer: Kristian Roupe,who started writing song´s from the get go.They quickly teamed up with vocalist: Rodney…
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Vinterland - bandphoto

Vinterland is a Swedish (Kvicksund) Melodic Black Metal band that formed in 1992 under the name Grimoires. They recorded a couple of demos which were never released. Their third demo was sent to Tomas Nyqvist, head of No Fashion Records….
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Astrophobos - bandphoto

Astrophobos was formed in 2009, and the music is mostly inspired by the Swedish and Norwegian black and death metal scene of the nineties. October 2010 saw the release of the bands first recording, the self-financed EP Arcane Secrets. The…
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The Ugly

The Ugly - bandphoto

THE UGLY was formed in late 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden by Ingemar Gustafson (vocals) and Johan Eriksson (guitars), for the purpose of creating furious and relentless black metal with roots in the bands that put Sweden on the world map…
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