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Nekrokraft - logoAfter a night of heavy drinking and blastbeats at a local venue in early 2012, blackened thrash metal came into mind. Two weeks later Nekrokraft was formed by Angus (vocals, guitar and bass at the time), Timmy (lead guitar) and Jonas (drums) with the ambition to play fast, aggressive and fill up the gap in the local scene.

The result was Nekrokraft’s first singel, The Cunt Of Bridgecheecks, containing 2 songs  which features raw black/thrash-metal and shrieking vocals. It was published on Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud. A local promotor booked Nekrokraft for its first gig in the following days. A couple of weeks later Nekrokraft had its first appearance on a radiostation in Indonesia.

In April 2012 the first EP, 666 Ways to Torture, were recorded in a similar way as TCOBC. It contained 3 own tunes and a cover, Satan My Master, by Bathory. The release where strictly digital, but will be out on tape early 2014. Emil joined Nekrokraft as the bass player shortly after the recording.

In August the second EP was recorded in an old earthcellar, far out on the countryside.
Witches Funeral was the result. 4 tunes and a Slayer cover, Angel of Death.

In November Nekrokraft were played on indonesian radio, the episode featured an 1 hour long interview and songs from all releases were played.

In December it was time for the first gig, with Antichrist, Vampire and Vanhelgd. A metal fanzine under the name Suicide Scriptures from the UK visited Nekrokraft for an video-interview and gig-review.

”Nekrokraft is epic, doom-laced Black Metal with moments of explosive brutality and speed that almost raise the hairs on the back of one’s neck. Shownmanship obviously abounds throughout the set; the singer and bassist displaying signs of learning from the best in how to titillate a crowd but it is NekroAngst’s particular style with the crowd which is inspiring as it displays all the hallmarks of classic frontman potential. ”
– Suicide Scriptures

Jonas decided to leave Nekrokraft and was replaced by Simon. A few gigs around Sweden were made, then Emil was replaced by Andreas on bass.

A recording with 7 new songs are planned during 2015, the record will be released during the fall 2016.

Nekrokraft is all about witches brew, the woods and thrashing through the boundaries of hell.

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