Naglfar - logo1992 – Formed under the name Uninterred.

1993 – After some lineup changes, Naglfar takes form and a rehearsal track of “Sunless Dawn” is recorded.

1994 – Ulf leaves, and the band records their debut demo “Stellae trajectio”, with the help of a drummachine. Several labels show interest and after a while a deal is signed with swedish label Wrong Again Records. At this time Mathias Holmgren joins the ranks as a drummer, and the band starts writing material for a fullenght album.

1995 – To show some new material to the label, 3 new tracks are recorded. This recording was also spread in limited numbers among friends and fanzines. The title of this recording was “We are Naglfar – Fuck you!”.

The debut album “Vittra” is recorded at Abyss studios and later released. Shortly after the recording Mathias leaves the band to focus on his other musical projects, and the band once again stands without a rythmsection. Due to this several liveoffers are forced to be declined, to the frustration of the band.

1996 – The band is asked to partake in an Iron maiden tribute. So a session in Sunlightstudio is booked, and with the help from drumming friend Johan Moritz, “Maiden Slaughter” sees the light of day. This recording included a cover of Iron maidens “The evil that men do”, a cover of Kreators “Pleasure to kill” and a brand new track entitled “12th Rising”.

1997 – A new drummer is found in Mattias Grahn, and the work for the followup to “Vittra” begins. A 7″ pic EP is released containing 2 new songs.

1998 – Naglfars second fullenght entitled “Diabolical” is released, and the band goes out on their first european tour together with bands like Deicide, Six feet under, Brutal truth, Amon amarth and Ancient rites.

2000 – Morgan Hansson leaves the band and is shortly thereafter replaced by Marcus “Vargher” Norman.

2001 – The MCD “Ex inferis” is released.

2003 – The third opus “Sheol” is recorded and released. Some liveactivities on different festivals, and a minitour of Japan with Deathmetal bands Nile and Skinless.

2005 – Jens moves away and shortly thereafter leaves the band. Instead of trying to find a new vocalist it is decided that Kris shall handle the vocal duties in the future. During livesessions Morgan Lie joins as a sessionmember. A deal is made with Century Media records, and the fourth fullenght Pariah is recorded and released. Touring with bands like Finntroll, Exodus, Hypocrisy, Dark funeral, Wintersun and Endstille. Japan is revisited together with Celtic frost and Satyricon.

2007 – “Harvest” is released. A north american tour with Dark funeral takes place, but after that things start to slow down.

2008 – Mattias no longer feels that he can put 100% into the band and thus decides to leave. Shortly after that the band splits with Morgan Lie as well. The band decides to continue as a trio.

2011 – A preproduction is made of the new album.

2012 – The band returns with their sixth fullenght “Téras”. Sessiondrums on this recording was handled by Dirk Verbeuren.

Alex ‘Impaler’ Friberg from mighty Necrophobic joins as session bassplayer, and Efraim Juntunen from Persuader handles the liveduties as a drummer.

…to be continued

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